Excellence in focus

At Muranaka Farm, our philosophy has always been to be the best at growing our specialty products. While competitors moved toward less labor intensive, higher volume product that was easier to grow and handle, we maintained our course and became a leader in our industry. Our hand-bunched products are more demanding to nurture, harvest and ship but we've risen to the challenge. As a result, we excel at what we do. Consider the fact that not only do we harvest 50 million green onions a week, but that they are of the highest quality available.

Our business is founded on keeping the consumer's best interests in mind. We understand that there is no substitute for fresh, premium grade produce. And when it comes to food safety, we take extra steps, such as weekly monitoring, to ensure our product is free of any bacterial or pesticide concerns. This provides our clients with an added measure of peace of mind, knowing that their customers will enjoy nothing but the finest.


Muranaka Farm has implemented all the necessary production techniques that are necessary to produce a quality food product for the American market. Their operation from seed to package is streamline and efficient.

Gregory Pike
Enza Seed Company