From family farm to industry leader


Muranaka Farm, Inc., was founded by Minoru Muranaka and his wife, Matsue, 50 years ago. They started as sharecroppers and worked their way up to buying their own land. They grew vegetables a truckload at a time, and delivered them to market themselves.


Their hard work paid off and Muranaka Farm became a growing business. The business expanded further under the stewardship of sons Harry and Roy. Roy excelled at the mechanics of farming, while Harry succeeded in establishing key accounts with Southern California supermarkets. From that time, Muranaka Farm was in the forefront of direct relations with supermarkets.

Harry and Roy still own the company, while day to day operations are handled by Charles Muranaka, Vice President. Charles is the grandson of Minoru and Matsue Muranaka. Today, the family connection remains a vital one, keeping Muranaka Farm rooted in its core values of quality and integrity.


Muranaka Farm has implemented all the necessary production techniques that are necessary to produce a quality food product for the American market. Their operation from seed to package is streamline and efficient.

Gregory Pike
Enza Seed Company