Years of learning

Since its inception a half century ago, Muranaka Farm has continuously improved its operations. We've kept up with changes in technology and incorporated proven advancements as they've emerged. We've also been wise enough to stay away from any uncertain methods that would disrupt our ability to supply our customers. It's this balance of experience and innovation that helps to make Muranaka Farm the reliable partner it is today.

Our five decades in business have provided us with complete cycles of learning. We've applied this understanding to raise consistently superior crops in our areas of specialization. From soil to seed selection, we have in-depth expertise in every aspect of our work. This has led us to considerable growth over the past decade. Our vision is to continue to expand by maintaining our high standards of quality and customer care.


Muranaka Farm has implemented all the necessary production techniques that are necessary to produce a quality food product for the American market. Their operation from seed to package is streamline and efficient.

Gregory Pike
Enza Seed Company