Cilantro Quality Standard

7" to 10"

Bunch Size
4" circumference at the band

(A strong green that visually reflects a healthy, durable leaf)

Bottom Cut
Even, flat

Band Placement
Bright red rubber band #14 - 2" x 1/16"
2 1/2" from the bottom around the main stems No leaves within or below the rubber band zone

2 1/2 Dozen - 14" L x 11" W x 9" H - Muranaka
5 Dozen - 19 1/4"L x 13" W x 10"H

Placement In Carton
30 bunched inverted packed stems up
Liner - Iced

Overall Appearance
No yellow or brown/red leaves
No field debris
Straight stems
No black spot
No seeders
No pests or signs of pest damage