Certified pesticide residue free by NutriClean


Through the NutriClean program administered by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), Muranaka Farm maintains standards up to 1,000 times tougher than legally permitted pesticide levels. A product is certified as residue-free when laboratory tests find no pesticide residues down to the lab's limits of detection. This superior standard was adopted to address the concerns of consumers who are troubled about pesticide residues. Certification includes the following steps:

  1. Detailed information disclosure is provided to SCS under strict confidentiality protections.
  2. Inspections and Sampling. Prior to harvest, SCS performs onsite inspections, collects worst-case field sampling of products. Additional samples are collected post-harvest as warranted by post-harvest handling procedures.
  3. Laboratory Testing. Samples are routinely subjected to multi-residue analysis to test for over 200 widely used compounds. If a pesticide is disclosed that is not detectable using the multi-residue analysis, a custom analysis is conducted. Additionally, if there is a potential for the product to come into contact with a pesticide during post-harvest handling, an additional post-harvest sample is collected and tested.
  4. Certification is issued if the crop meets NutriClean's Pesticide Residue Free standard.


Muranaka Farm delivers high quality products and they expect their suppliers to have the same standards. For more than 25 years, Georgia-Pacific has provided innovative packaging solutions that meet Muranaka's high standards of excellence.

David J. Abdoo
General Manager, Georgia-Pacific Corporation